Fingerprint Jewellery

Fingerprint Jewellery.

Handmade bespoke pieces of jewellery capturing that special fingerprint in pure silver for a truly unique gift.

Pure, solid Silver fingerprints can be made into a gift for all occasions that can be treasured forever.

To make your jewellery truly special I will take an impression of your fingerprints directly into the metal clay, and then using tradional jewellery techniques turn these impressions in to jewellery.

Because I do not belong to any fingerprinting frachaise I can incorporate your fingerprints in to any design or style!


Fingerprint Parties

Why not hold a fingerprint party at your home, and automatically recieve 10% off your own order.

To book please email

or phone Karen on

07931 516447

This service is only available via appointment, The products below are examples of designs available. Please do not order through the website!

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A modern style pair of earrings using your loved ones fingerprint. These are not available through the website at present.
£45.00 *
£45.00 *

In stock

small fingerprint charm in fine silver
£30.00 *
£50.00 *
fine silver fingerprint charm small pendant size
£30.00 *
Current daily price
£95.00 *
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